Study Guide Contents

SOK - Study GuideChapters 0 - 10 (download pdf)

The Bible
In the Beginning
Creation Rule and Rest
God's Kingdom
Rebellion Against the King
God's Kingdom is Ruined
Human Rebellion and Death Advances
A New Creation
The Tower of Babel

Chapters 11 - 20 (download pdf)

The Story so Far
The Promised Kingdom
Justification by faith
A God who is Always in Control
War in Egypt
Redemption and Rescue
The Rules of the King
A Return to Eden
A Just and Forgiving God
A Faithful God and a Faithless Israel

Chapters 21 - 30 (download pdf)

Now Choose Life
The Story so Far
The Promise-Keeper
The Time of the Judges
The Kings of Israel
God's Covenant with David
The Kingdom Comes and Goes
A New Covenant
Still Waiting
The Story so Far

Chapters 31 - 40 (download pdf)

The King is Here
Last Adam True Israel
The Kingdom is Near
Parables of the Kingdom
A Rejected King
The Death of God's King
Victory for the Kingdom
The Promise of the Kingdom
The Kingdom has Come
The Completed Kingdom

Chapters 41 - 44 (download pdf)

The Choice we all Face
A Right Relationship with God
Considering the Cost
The Story so Far

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