Cover Image: Now My Eyes Have Seen You

Now My Eyes Have Seen You:
Images of Creation & Evil in Job (NSBT)

Robert S. Fyall (IVP, 2002)

Blurb Review by Rev. Graham Beynon


Few biblical texts are more daunting, and yet more fascinating, than the book of Job - and few have been the subject of such diverse interpretation. For Robert Fyall, the mystery of God's ways and the appalling evil and suffering in the world are at the heart of Job's significant contribution to the canon of Scripture. This study offers a holistic reading of Job with particular reference to its depiction of creation and evil, and finds significant clues to its meaning in the striking imagery it uses. In fact, Fyall concludes that the book is not so much about suffering per se as about creation, providence, knowing God and how - in the crucible of suffering - these are to be understood. He encourages us to listen to this remarkable literature, to be moved by it, and to see its progress from shrieking protest to repentance and vision.


1. Speaking what is right 
2. An advocate in heaven 
3. The tragic Creator 
4. The raging sea 
5. The shadowlands 
6. Yahweh, Mot and Behemoth 
7. The ancient prince of hell 
8. Drawing out Leviathan 
9. The vision glorious 
10. Appendix: Job and Canaanite myth

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