Cover Image: Now Choose Life

Now Choose Life:
Theology and Ethics in Deuteronomy (NSBT)

J. Gary Millar (IVP, 1998)

Blurb Review by Rev. Dominic Smart


Deuteronomy contains profound theology and profound ethics, each bound up with the other. This book aims to provide a careful and perceptive analysis of Deuteronomy's ethical teaching set in the context of the book's theology. After discussing how Deuteronomy has been understood by other scholars, he sets out his own interpretation, dealing with its ethics in the light of key themes in the book: covenant, journey, law and the nations.


Introduction: Old Testament Ethics and Deuteronomy 
1. Ethics and covenant 
2. Ethics and journey 
3. Ethics and law 
4. Ethics and the nations 
5. Ethics and human nature 
Conclusion: Theology and ethics in Deuteronomy

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