Cover Image: The Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses

The Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses

Vern Poythress (Presbyterian & Reformed, 1991)

Blurb Review


This is a wide-ranging treatment of the law's relationship to the gospel. Exploring Genesis through to Deuteronomy, Poythress aims to demonstrate how the sacrifices and traditions of the Hebrews graphically foreshadow Christ's relationship with his people. He also explains how the penalties of the law prefigure the destruction of sin and guilt through Jesus. You might want to quibble with some slightly odd chapters - e.g. on prisons! - but this book offers some fresh angles on the big picture of the Bible's storyline. See, for instance, the material on God's dwelling and Union with Christ and the chapter on the land.


Part 1: Understanding the Different Aspects of the Law 
1. The Challenge of the Law of Moses: Interpreting Moses in the Light of Christ 
2. The Tabernacle of Moses: Prefiguring God's Presence through Christ 
3. The Sacrifices: Prefiguring the Final Sacrifice of Christ 
4. The Priests and the People: Prefiguring Christ's Relation to His People 
5. General Principles for God's Dwelling with Human Beings: Prefiguring Union with Christ 
6. The Land of Palestine, the Promised Land: Prefiguring Christ's Renewal of and Dominion over the Earth 
7. The Law and Its Order: Prefiguring the Righteousness of Christ 
8. The Purposes of the Tabernacle, the Law, and the Promised Land: Pointing Forward to Christ 
9. The Punishments and Penalties of the Law: Prefiguring the Destruction of Sin and Guilt through Christ 

Part II: Understanding Specific Penalties of the Law 
10. False Worship, Holy War, and Penal Substitution: Prefiguring the Spiritual Warfare of Christ and His Church 
11. Principles of Justice for the Modern State 
12. Just Penalties for Many Crimes 
13. Just Penalties for Sexual Crimes 
14. Deterrence and Rehabilitation 
15. A critique of Prisons 
16. Our Responsibilities Towards Imperfect States 
17. Fulfilment of the Law in the Gospel According to Matthew 

A: False Worship in the Modern State 
B: Evaluating Theonomy 
C: Does the Greek Word Pleroo sometimes mean ‘confirm'. 

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