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The Servant King

T. Desmond Alexander (IVP, 1998)

Blurb Review


This is a clear and helpful little book that aims to unpack the biblical portrait of the Messiah as it unfolds across both Testaments. Essentially it traces the development of the theme of kingship and importantly begins that process as far back as Genesis 3. The book puts into popular form some of Desi Alexander's more academic work on the issue of the 'seed' in Genesis and shows a coherent whole to the Bible's promises of a unique King that find their fulfilment in the Lord Jesus. One of those simple books that is actually the result of great depth of learning.


1. Humanity: the crown of creation (Genesis 1-3) 
2. The Line of seed (Genesis 3-50) 
3. Intimations of a royal line (Genesis 3-50) 
4. Promises and warnings (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) 
5. Prelude to the rise of the monarchy (Joshua and Judges) 
6. The story of Ruth: from Judah to David (Ruth) 
7. The beginnings of the monarchy (1 Samuel 1-12) 
8. The characteristics of divinely appointed royalty (1 Samuel) 
9. God's promises concerning the house of David (2 Samuel) 
10. Solomon: a model of ideal kingship? (1 Kings 1-11) 
11. The demise of the Davidic dynasty (1 Kings 11-22 and 2 Kings) 
12. Hope beyond judgment (Amos and Isaiah) 
13. The servant king (Isaiah) 
14. A kingdom to replace all others (Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel) 
15. Jesus Christ the son of David (Matthew 1-2) 
16. The coming of the kingdom (Matthew 3-13) 
17. Greater than all others (Mathew and Hebrews) 
18. The light dawns (Matthew, Acts and Galatians) 
19. Life in the kingdom (The Gospels, Acts, 1 Corinthians and Galatians) 
20. The kingdom consummated (Matthew and Revelation) 

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