Cover Image: The Search for Order

The Search for Order:
Biblical Eschatology in Focus

William. J. Dumbrell (Wipf & Stock, 1994)

Blurb Review


In this excellent book, the Bible's eschatological framework is spread across the table for all to see - in a world disordered by sin, Scripture describes God's goal as a reordering of his disrupted creation. Dumbrell shows the unfolding of God's total plan for history, not just the last days. He takes account of other current positions as he looks for the big eschatological picture by showing how it shapes every part of the Bible's story-line. In the resulting thematic survey, students are allowed to draw their own conclusions about the Bible's overall position on the climactic scenes of history. Ultimately they learn to conceive of eschatology less as an expectant construction of future events than as a theological approach to comprehending what God is doing today. This overall structure might provide some good ideas for a Bible overview course or a sermon series on the last things, showing that eschatology begins in Genesis not Revelation! Very highly recommended indeed.


Part 1: Eschatology in the Old Testament 
1. Creation, Fall, and Covenant 
2. Exodus, Covenant, and Promised Land 
3. Kingship 
4. Zion Theology and Pre-exilic Eschatology 
5. Exilic Eschatology 
6. Postexilic and Apocalyptic Eschatology 

Part 2: Eschatology in the New Testament 
7. Matthean Eschatology 
8. Marcan Eschatology 
9. Lucan Eschatology in His Gospel and Acts 
10. Johannine Eschatology 
11. Pauline Eschatology 
12. Other Eschatological Voices 
13. Apocalyptic Eschatology

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