Cover Image: The Race Set Before Us

The Race Set Before Us:
A Biblical Theology of Perserverance and Assurance

A.B. Caneday and Thomas Schreiner (IVP, 2001)

Blurb Review by Jason Clarke


This is quite simply a brilliant book. It rescues the biblical teaching on perseverance and assurance from dislocated systematics and earths it in solid biblical metaphors for faith and salvation. The primary metaphor examined here is that of the Christian life as a race, with the book being an exhortation to understand the need to run the race obediently (perseverance) and the confidence we can have of winning the prize (assurance). Along the way the authors enlarge our understanding of salvation - 'once saved, always saved' is exposed as a reductionism without being denied - and provide exposition of the NT's warning passages that urge the traditional Calvinist understanding into an even more biblically faithful position. Essential for preaching through Hebrews and generally a must read!


1. The Race Set Before Us: What is There to Win or Lose? 
2. The Prize To Be Won: Our Present & Future Salvation 
3. The Race To Be Run: The Necessity of Obedient Faith 
4. Running to Win the Prize: Heeding God's Admonitions and Warnings 
5. Reflecting on Fallen Runners: Who Are Those Who Have Fallen Out of the Race? 
6. Drawing On God's Grace: Going the Distance by God's Power 
7. Running With Confidence: Being Assured That We Shall Win the Prize 
8. Running By Divine Appointment: Who Are Those Who Run to the End and Win? 
Appendix: A Response to William Lane Craig's 'Lest Anyone Should Fall': A Middle Knowledge Perspective on Perseverance and Apostolic Warnings'

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