Cover Image: The Progress of Redemption

The Progress of Redemption:
The Story of Salvation from Creation to the New Jerusalem

Willem Van Gemeren (Baker, 1988; Paternoster, 1995)

Blurb Review


With a Christological focus, the author traces the unfolding of God's redemptive plan through twelve epochs, stressing analysis, synthesis, and application in his study of each period. With this tri-focal approach in place, in each of the twelve epochs the author considers the Bible's respective literary forms, the canonical function, and the redemptive historical significance of each period in the light of God's purposes in all the other stages of redemption. A helpful and useful book but one which does not have a clear enough view of the structure of biblical theology and of whether the relationship between the epochs is more than sequential.


Part 1 - Creation in Harmony 
Part 2 - Creation in Alienation 
Part 3 - Election and Promise 
Part 4 - A Holy Nation 
Part 5 - A Nation like the other nations 
Part 6 - A Royal Nation 
Part 7 - A Divided Nation 
Part 8 - A Restored Nation 
Part 9 - Jesus and the Kingdom 
Part 10 - The Apostolic Era 
Part 11 - The Kingdom and the Church 
Part 12 - The New Jerusalem

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