Cover Image: The Practical Preacher

The Practical Preacher:
Practical Wisdom for the Pastor-Teacher (ed. W. Philip)

PT Media/Christian Focus, 2002

Blurb Review


How do we approach with godly wisdom the task of being a pastor-teacher in Christ's church? We must preach the word; but if we take seriously the New Testament injunctions about how we address this primary task, we will show our wisdom by humility, a teachable spirit, and diligence in pursuing all profitable means to present ourselves approved and unashamed workmen of God. This book gives practical help in many areas for those seeking to develop authentic biblical expository ministry. Each contributor is totally committed to this priority, and each writes from the perspective of biblical reflection and real experience in local church ministry. Only the already-perfect pastor had nothing to learn from its pages! It's easy to neglect a little book like this but there is real gold-dust in its pages - particularly recommended are the chapters by Martin Allen and Sinclair Ferguson.


1. Preparing a Congregation for Expository Preaching (Melvin Tinker) 
2. Planning a Preaching Programme (David Jackman) 
3. From Text to Sermon (David Jackman) 
4. Preaching to Real People (Martin Allen) 
5. Pastoring Real People (Jonathan Prime) 
6. The Preacher as Theologian (Sinclair Ferguson)

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