Cover Image: The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text

The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text:
Intepreting and Preaching Biblical Literature

Sidney Greidanus (Eerdmans, 1988)

Blurb Review


A fusion of biblical hermeneutics and homiletics, this thorough and well researched book offers a holistic contemporary approach to the interpretation and preaching of biblical texts, using all the scholarly tools available and focusing especially on literary features. After discussing sermon preparation in a broad sense and examining various methodologies for understanding the biblical text, Greidanus applies general hermeneutical and homiletical principles to four specific genres in the Bible: Hebrew narratives, prophetic literature, the Gospels and the Epistles. By putting forth many helpful guidelines for responsible contemporary preaching this book serves as a valuable resource for preachers as well as an ideal textbook for aspiring preachers.


1. Biblical Preaching 
2. Historical Foundations 
3. Literary Interpretation 
4. Historical Interpretation 
5. Theological Interpretation 
6. Textual-Thematic Preaching 
7. The Form of the Sermon 
8. The Relevance of the Sermon 
9. Preaching Hebrew Narratives 
10. Preaching Prophetic Literature 
11. Preaching the Gospels 
12. Preaching the Epistles

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