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The Messiah in the Old Testament

Walter C. Kaiser (Zondervan, 1995)

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Part of the Studies in OT Biblical Theology series, Kaiser's book approaches Israel's concept of the Messiah as a developing theme and shows how a proper grasp of the textual meaning at each stage of OT revelation is necessary for understanding messianic prophecy. Beginning in the Pentateuch and working through the OT to the Minor Prophets, the author delineates texts that are direct messianic prophecies and examines their meanings and development within the flow of God's plan.


I. Introduction: The Study of Messianism 
A. Definitions 
B. Starting Points 
C. A Proposal 
D. The Promise-Plan of God 
E. Problems in Messianic Interpretation 

II. The Messiah in the Pentateuch 
A. The Edenic Prediction 
B. The Noahic Prediction 
C. The Abrahamic Prediction 
D. The Judaic Prediction 
E. The Balaamic Prediction 
F. The Mosaic Prediction 
Appendix: The Messiah in Job 

III. The Messiah Before and During the Davidic Monarchy 
A. Hannah and the King: God's Anointed One 
B. Eli and the Faithful Priest: God's Anointed One 
C. Nathan and the Established Dynasty and Kingdom f David 
D. David's Dynasty and the Psalms 
Appendix: The Messiah in the Wisdom Literature 

IV. The Messiah in the Psalms (Part 1) 
A. The Conquering King and Enthroned Messiah (Psalms 110 and 2) 
B. The Rejection of the Messiah (Psalm 118) 
C. The Betrayal of Messiah (Psalms 69 and 109) 

V. The Messiah in the Psalms (Part 2) 
D. The Death and Resurrection of Messiah (Psalms 22 and 16) 
E. The Written Plan and Marriage of Messiah (Psalms 40 and 45) 
F. The Triumph of Messiah (Psalms 68 and 72) 

VI. The Messiah in the Ninth- and Eighth-Century Prophets 
A. The Ninth Century: The Messiah As a Teacher (Joel 2:23) 
B. The Eighth Century: The Messiah As the Second David (Hosea 3:4-5) 
C. The Eighth Century: The Messiah As the Raised House of David (Amos 9:11-15) 
D. The Eighth Century: The Messiah As the Breaker (Micah 2: 12-13) 
E. The Eighth Century: The Messiah As the Coming Ruler (Micah 5: 1-4) 

VII. The Messiah in the Eighth-Century Prophets (Isaiah) 
A. The Messiah As King 
B. The Messiah As Servant 
C. The Messiah As Anointed Conqueror 

VIII. The Messiah in the Seventh- and Sixth-Century Prophets 
A. The Messiah in Jeremiah. 
B. The Messiah in Ezekiel 
C. The Messiah in Daniel 

IX. The Messiah in the Postexilic Prophets 
A. The Messiah in Haggai 
B. The Messiah in Zechariah 
C; The Messiah in Malachi 

X. Conclusion 
A. Exegesis, Biblical Theology, and Jesus 
B. Continuities and Discontinuities in the Testaments 
C. Prediction and Fulfilled Prophecy 

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