Cover Image: Themes in Old Testament Theology

Themes in Old Testament Theology

William Dyrness (IVP USA, 1997; Paternoster, 1998)

Blurb Review


This book introduces us to important Old Testament themes including the self-revelation of God, the nature of God, creation and providence, sin, covenant, law, ethics, the Spirit of God, prophecy and the hope of Israel. The book is useful on these topics but neither develops them into the New Testament nor attempts any construction of the explicit relationship between the themes - see particularly the lack of discussion of kingdom of God in the chapter on Covenant. Lacks an overall coherent account of Old Testament theology.


1. The Self-Revelation of God 
2. The Nature of God 
3. Creation and Providence 
4. Man and Woman 
5. Sin 
6. The Covenant 
7. The Law 
8. Worship 
9. Piety 
10. Ethics 
11. Wisdom 
12. The Spirit of God 
13. Prophecy 
14. The Hope of Israel 

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