Cover Image: The Lord's Anointed (eds. P. E. Sattherthwaite, R. Hess, G. Wenham

The Lord's Anointed (eds. P. E. Sattherthwaite, R. Hess, G. Wenham

Paternoster, 1995

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At the heart of the earliest Christian self-understanding, explicit or implicit in much Christian use of the Old Testament, and crucial for Christian theology and interpretation, the concept of ‘messiah' in the Old Testament has, however, been eclipsed by the pursuit of other goals in OT studies. Few recent sustained treatments have appeared from any school of thought. The Lord's Anointed aims to redress the balance. It also recognises that the study of this topic must always be contemporary: OT studies have changed dramatically in recent years, giving rise to new challenges as well as new opportunities for Christian reading of it. Robust academic treatment of the topic.


1. Messianic Interpretation of the OT in Modern Context (J. Gordon McConville) 
2. Messianic Ideology in the book of Genesis 
3. David in the Books of Samuel: A Messianic Expectation? (Philip Satterthwaite) 
4. The Messiah in the Book of Kings (Iain W. Provan) 
5. Messianism and Messianic Prophecy in Isaiah 1-12 and 28 -33 (Daniel Schibler) 
6. The Servant of the Lord in the ‘Servant Songs' of Isaiah (Gordon P. Hugenberger) 
7. The King in the Book of Isaiah (Richard Schultz) 
8. Bringing Back David: Ezekiel's Messianic Hope (Daniel I. Block) 
9. Models of Prophetic Prediction and Matthew's Quotation of Micah 5:2 (Philip P. Jenson) 
10. ‘Left in hell'? Psalm 16, Sheol,a nd the Holy One 
11. The Perfect King of Psalm 72: An Intertextual Enquiry (Knut Heim) 
12. Messianic Elements in the Chronicler's work (Brian Kelly) 
13. Messianic themes in Zechariah 9-14 
14. Messianic mysteries (Martin J. Selman 

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