Cover Image: The Land of Promise (eds. P. Johnston & P. Walker)

The Land of Promise (eds. P. Johnston & P. Walker)

Apollos, 2000

Blurb Review by J.K. Palmer


The ‘land of promise' is a crucial theme in the Bible, especially in the Old Testament. This book tries to grapple with a number of questions that this theme raises for the modern day Christian. How was the fulfilment of the land-promise understood by Israel's historians and prophets? Was it geographical or ideological? Unconditional? Temporary or eternal? How was the promise interpreted by Jesus and his apostles? Does the modern state of Israel have theological significance? The essays in this book will help Christians better understand the biblical dimensions and the contemporary relevance of God's promise to Abraham. Highly recommended.


Foreword by John Stott

Philip S. Johnston, Peter W. L. Walker (editors)

1. The land in Israel's story
A. Promise and fulfilment: the territorial inheritance (Paul R. Williamson)
B. Beyond borders: the wider dimensions of land (T. Desmond Alexander)

2. The land in the prophets
A. Five prophetic snapshots of the land (Deryck Sheriffs)
B. Hermeneutical spectacles and the return to the land (Deryck Sheriffs)

3. The land in the New Testament
A. The land in the apostles' writings (Peter W. L. Walker)
B. The land and Jesus himself (Peter W. L. Walker)

4. The land in Christian theology
A. A new-covenant perspective on the land (O. Palmer Robertson)
B. Dispensational approaches to the land (Stephen R. Sizer)
C. Ten questions for a theology of the land (Colin Chapman)

5. Views from the land today
A. People, land and Torah: a Jewish Christian perspective (Baruch Maoz)
B. Zionism and the land: a Palestinian Christian perspective (Naim Ateek)

6. The land and Christian responsibility
A. Stewardship of the land: a Christian mandate (Carl E. Armerding)
B. The land and the book: a personal response (Gordon J Thomas)

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