Cover Image: The Jesus Gospel

The Jesus Gospel:
Recovering the Lost Message

Liam Goligher (Authentic, 2006)

Blurb Review by Dr. David Gibson


Many visitors to this site will be aware of the recent controversy in British evangelicalism aroused by Steve Chalke & Alan Mann's book "The Lost Message of Jesus" (Zondervan, 2003). There have been various responses to "The Lost Message," and this new book by Liam Golligher ranks as one of the best. We are glad to publicise it here on BWM precisely because it responds to Chalke and Mann not with proof-texts or derisory put-downs, but rather with a solid biblical theology. The effect is a forceful presentation of how penal substitution is woven intricately and inescapably into the Bible's plot-line so that its removal means irreparable damage to the Bible's integrity. We agree with Rico Tice's endorsement: ‘This outstanding book walks straight out of the text of Colossians 1:28: "We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom." Liam Goligher proclaims the theme of the Lamb of God and gives the reader a unique Bible overview, whilst at the same time admonishing the false teaching in the church and the culture, which seeks to undermine this central Bible truth. Liam Goligher has done a remarkable job in serving the church with this book'.


Act 1 Scene 1 - The message Jesus never lost: John 17
Act 1 Scene 2 - East of Eden: Genesis 3
Act 1 Scene 3 - Wet, wet, wet: Genesis 6
Act 1 Scene 4 - Generation eXodus: Exodus 12
Act 1 Scene 5 - Yom Kippur: Leviticus 16

Act 2 Scene 1 - The scandal of forgiveness: Psalm 51
Act 2 Scene 2 - Wounded for me: Isaiah 53
Act 2 Scene 3 - The main event: Mark

Act 3 Scene 1 - The Cross examined: Romans
Act 3 Scene 2 - The great exchange: 2 Corinthians 5
Act 3 Scene 3 - God is love: 1 John
Act 3 Scene 4 - In his steps: 1 Peter
Act 3 Scene 5 - The lamb wins: Revelation

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