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The Israel of God:
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

O. Palmer Robertson (Presbyterian & Reformed, 2000)

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"If you abandon Israel, God will never forgive you ... it is God's will that Israel, the biblical home of the people of Israel, continue for ever and ever." So spoke Bill Clinton in 1994. On the basis of a particular theological interpretation of Israel, far-reaching political commitments have been made towards Israel and the land of the Bible. By these commitments, the course of nations has been set for good or ill. Of course, few people are able to wield such political power with respect to their theological beliefs but such opinions are widespread and influential. How should we faithfully think about the nation of Israel both in the Bible and the contemporary world? O. Palmer Robertson is well placed to write about this issue (due to his involvement in a little publicised but significant "Consultation on the Theology of the Land" between Jewish Messianic Christians, Palestinian and other Near Eastern Christians) and this book provides an attractive and coherent Reformed biblical theology of Israel.


1. The Israel of God: Its Land
2. The Israel of God: Its People
3. The Israel of God: Its Worship
4. The Israel of God: Its Lifestyle
5. The Israel of God and the Coming of the Kingdom
6. The Israel of God in Romans 11
7. Concluding Propositions

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