Cover Image: The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God

The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God

D. A. Carson (IVP, 2000)

Blurb Review by David Gibson


I have heard this book described as the very difficult book about the difficult doctrine of the love of God! This is probably unfair, but this lightweight little paperback does contain enough material to set the mature theologian off on further investigations ... and to keep the rest of us happily engaged for hours! In today's world the love of God is either taken for granted and sentimentalised, or completely ignored. In today's church our understanding of God's love is often expressed in well-worn clichés and tired phrases that reveal our poverty in knowing the Scriptures. Carson contends that the love of God in the Bible is a more complex doctrine than we have often realised and he sets out to show the connections between different parts of Scripture and different aspects of God's being. Not an explicit exercise in biblical theology but this book models it on every page. Highly recommended.


1. On distorting the love of God 
2. God is love 
3. God's love and God's sovereignty 
4. God's love and God's wrath

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