Cover Image: The Church in the Bible & the World

The Church in the Bible & the World:
an International Study (ed. D. A. Carson)

Baker, Paternost: 1987, 1993)

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This second volume in the series tackles new questions about the church's biblical identity and mission which arise as Christianity impacts upon widely different social contexts around the world. The foundation to the seven essays in this volume is provided by Edmund Clowney's The Biblical Theology of the Church. This is followed by a consideration of the church in eschatological terms; treatments of worship and ministry in the New Testament; Carson's reflections on contextualization of the church's mission; and analyses of the dangers of syncretism and secularisation, as well as of the realities of persecution. It is the nature of a collection like this that some parts of it are now dated, but this volume is still extremely valuable.


1. The Biblical Theology of the Church (EDMUND P. CLOWNEY)
2. The Church as Heavenly and Eschatological Entity (P. T. O'BRIEN)
3. Worship in the New Testament (RUSSELL R. SHEDD)
4. Ministry in the New Testament (RONALD Y. K. FUNG)
5. Church and Mission: Contextualization and the Third Horizon (D. A. CARSON)
6. Syncretism, Secularisation and Renewal (SUNAND SUMITHRA)
7. The Church and Persecution (DAVID H. ADENEY)

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