Cover Image: The Christ of the Covenants

The Christ of the Covenants

Presbyterian & Reformed, 1980

Blurb Review by Thomas Edward McComiskey


This book attempts to treat the various covenants of the Old Testament from an exegetical, biblical-theological and clearly Reformed perspective. The richness of a covenantal approach to understanding the Bible is presented, along with interaction with other viewpoints. Although other books present the concept of the covenants, this book's valuable contribution is in trying to uncover how the successive covenants develop the central thrust of the biblical message - the various covenant themes of the Bible are tied together with the supreme focus on Jesus Christ. This surfaces constantly throughout the book but unfortunately there in only one chapter explicitly on the Christ and the consummation of the covenant. Read this alongside Dumbrell's book Covenant & Creation and make up your own mind on exegetical (but very important!) minutiae as they come to different conclusions in places.


Part One: Introduction to the Divine Covenants 
1. The Nature of the Divine Covenants 
2. The Extent of the Divine Covenants 
3. The Unity of the Divine Covenants 
4. Diversity in Divine Covenants 

Part Two: 
5. The Covenant of Creation 

Part Three: The Covenant of Redemption 
6. Adam: The Covenant of Commencement 
7. Noah: The Covenant of Preservation 
8. Abraham: The Covenant of Promise 
9. The Seal of the Abrahamic Covenant 
10: Moses: The Covenant of Law 
11. Excursus: Which structures Scripture - Covenants or Dispensations? 
12. David: The Covenant of the Kingdom 
13. Christ: The Covenant of Consummation.

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