Cover Image: Text and Truth

Text and Truth:
Redefining Biblical Theology

Francis Watson (T&T Clark, 1997)

Blurb Review by Ted M. Dorman


The disciplines of biblical studies and systematic theology have in modern times been practiced in relative isolation from one another. In this book Francis Watson argues that the separate development of Old and New Testament studies and systematic theology impoverishes all three disciplines and actually distorts the object of their study. Watson takes seriously the theological responsibilities of the biblical interpreter and argues for more theological involvement with exegesis and hermeneutics rather than less: biblical theology, he contends, must be practiced in an interdisciplinary approach that can draw feely on the resources of the two exegetical disciplines and of systematic theology. This book builds on his previous book Text, Church and World: Biblical Interpretation in Theological Perspective (T&T Clark, 1994) in advocating an approach in which biblical interpretation seeks to contribute directly to the work of Christian theological construction. It is only through this interdisciplinary approach, Watson contends, that the Bible will be interpreted in a manner consistent with its status as the holy scripture of the Christian community. Not an evangelical book and a demanding read ... but also a must for anyone interested in pursuing biblical theology more academically. Extremely valuable.


Part One: Studies in Theological Hermeneutics
1. The Gospels as Narrated History
2. The Multiple Text and the Singular Gospel
3. Literal Sense, Authorial Intention, Objective Interpretation: In defence of some unfashionable concepts
4. Erasing the Text: Readings in Neo-Marcionism

Part Two: The Old Testament in Christological Perspective
5. Old Testament Theology as a Christian Theological Enterprise
6. Creation in the Beginning
7. In the Image of God
8. Scripture in Dialogue: A Study in Early Christian Old Testament Interpretation

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