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The Story of a Kingdom:
A Simple Explanation of the Bible

Jonathan Gibson

Blurb Review by Melvin Tinker

Review by Melvin Tinker

There is nothing worse than a book that is written simply for the sake of being written! That cannot be said of The Story of a Kingdom. Here, Jonathan Gibson has performed a remarkable task in presenting an overview of the Bible together with sharp and insightful biblical theology in a way that is simple (but never simplistic), and highly accessible for those with little Bible knowledge, and / or those for whom English is not a first language. Like Paul's letters, this book was written within a pastoral context — initially to reach Chinese students with the Gospel.

By the use of helpfully clear diagrams, summaries and pertinent questions for thought and discussion, The Story of a Kingdom works through the message of the Bible in terms of promise and fulfilment. There is no skimping on matters of history and geography (nothing is assumed), and yet at the same time it avoids being patronising.

Quite rightly, the course begins with the nature and trustworthiness of the Bible before opening with creation, and then moving along with the flow of salvation history; explaining the significance of the key events and ideas along the way.

Each chapter in the study guide starts with a recounting of the story so far, a statement of the objectives of the present study, an indication of the main connections and a summary.

The amount of material covered is quite breathtaking and the shear size of the book may be daunting for some. However, if used wisely and imaginatively (e.g. breaking the course up into manageable portions) that should prove no barrier to the honest disciple.

This is useful as an introduction to the whole Bible, enabling people to see both the wood and the trees. It gives people a good grounding in Scripture and facilitates the process that allows the Bible to speak about the Bible.

I would certainly recommend this for students of all types, and it will be an invaluable resource for the youth leader and home group leader.

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