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The Symphony of Scripture:
Making Sense of the Bible's Many Themes

Mark Strom (Presbyterian & Reformed: 1990, 2001)

Blurb Review


The Bible is the sure Word of God, a help and guide for everyday life. But it is also filled with bewildering diversity - poetry, history, and letters written by dozens of people in several languages. What do the exodus, covenant, and priesthood have to do with grace, faith and discipleship? What possible connection can there be between Sinai and Golgotha? How do we get from the Garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem? This accessible introduction to the Bible emphasises the unity within its diversity. Strom traces the great themes in their recurring rhythms and patterns, helping the reader discern God's grand, overarching design for his creation. The extra benefit of a book like this alongside things like Goldsworthy's "Gospel and Kingdom" is that while Goldsworthy gives a framework, Strom fills in more of the details and shows connections between different parts of the story and not just the main turning points.


Background Information about Israel

The Old Testament
1. The Beginnings: Genesis 1-11
2. The Fathers: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
3. The Exodus
4. Israel at Mt Sinai
5. Priest, Sacrifice and Temple
6. The Conquest of Canaan
7. The Kings
8. The Psalms
9. The Wisdom Books
10. The Prophets before the Exile
11. The Exile and Its Prophets
12. Israel after the Exile

The New Testament
13. The Coming of the Kingdom
14. The Power and the Mystery of the Kingdom
15. The Scandal of the Kingdom: Jesus' Death
16. The Triumph of the Kingdom
17. Jesus the King of the Kingdom
18. The Promise and Power of the Kingdom: the Holy Spirit
19. The Advance of the Kingdom
20. The Lifestyle of the Kingdom
21. The Communities of the Kingdom
22. The Fullness of the Kingdom
Appendix: An Overview of Israel's History from the Time of the Kings

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