Cover Image: The Unfolding Mystery

The Unfolding Mystery:
Discovering Christ in the Old Testament

Edmund P. Clowney (P & R Publishing, 1988)

Blurb Review


In this book, Ed Clowney traces the story-line of God's grace as it unfolds through the Old Testament. Beginning with Adam and Eve, he continues to the last of the prophets, he continues to the last of the prophets, showing how such key figures as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses fit into the plotline of the Bible. He also relates key episodes, like the offering up of Isaac at Moriah and the giving of the law at Sinai, to their fulfillment in Christ. Packer writes a glowing foreword, commending Clowney as a master of historical exegesis, typology, and their umbrella discipline biblical theology. It is a very valuable little book, although it lacks overall organizing principles - see the brief criticisms by Graeme Goldsworthy in Interpreting God's Plan.


1. The New Man
2. The Son of the Woman
3. The Son of Abraham
4. The Heir of the Promise
5. The Lord and His Servant
6. The Rock of Moses
7. The Lord's Anointed
8. The Prince of Peace
9. The Lord to Come

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