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This is That:
The NT Development of some OT Themes

F.F. Bruce (Paternoster, 1968)

Blurb Review


Another unknown and extremely valuable little book. Most of the contents of this book formed the 1968 Payton Lectures in Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California. Although Bruce doesn't really work with any overall organizing principles other than the clear NT references to the OT text, his handling of each of the individual themes is always insightful. The material here, coupled with a deeper understanding of the multi-thematic vs single concept debate that you will have to supply from elsewhere, is gold-dust. Penetrating handling of the NT development but also the OT theology behind the quotations.


1. Organizing Old Testament Theology
2. The Rule of God
3. The Salvation of God
4. The Victory of God
5. The People of God
6. The Son of David
7. The Servant Messiah
8. The Shepherd King

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