Cover Image: Neither Poverty nor Riches

Neither Poverty nor Riches:
A biblical theology of possessions (NSBT)

Craig Blomberg (IVP, 1999)

Blurb Review by By Michael Raiter


One of the most difficult questions facing us today is that of the proper attitude toward possessions. The question exists in various acute forms, both for ourselves and evangelicalism - what should the wealthy do with their own possessions? What should their attitude be towards the poor? D. A. Carson writes in the preface to this book that Blomberg not only 'guides the reader through almost all the biblical passages that have a bearing on poverty and wealth, but weaves that exegesis into a biblical theology that is simultaneously faithful to the historic texts and pastorally sensitive to the immense issues facing today's church.' The book offers conclusions and applications relevant to the modern world.


Introductory considerations
1. The Old Testament and material possessions: the historical books
2. The Old Testament wisdom and prophetic literature
3. Additional historical background: between the Testaments
4. The teaching of Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels
5. Earliest Christianity
6. The life and teaching of Paul
7. The rest of the New Testament
8. Summary, conclusions and applications

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