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Walking in the Ways of the Lord:
Essays in Old Testament Ethics

Apollos, 1995

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This book presents a collection of the author's articles and booklets that were all published after his other book, Living as the People of God. It contains more biblical-theological reflection, given that a number of the chapters lead explicitly to the NT's teaching on the specific subject matter.


Part One: An approach to biblical ethics
1. The use of the Bible in social ethics
2. The authority of Scripture in an age of relativism

Part Two: A survey of Old Testament ethics
3. The ethical authority of the Old Testament: A survey of approaches, Part 1
4. The ethical authority of the Old Testament: A surevy of approaches, Part 2
5. Ethical decisions in the Old Testament
6. The ethical relevance of Israel as a society

Part Three: A selection of issues
7. The theology and ethics of the land
8. The jubilee year
9. The people of God and the state
10. Human rights
11. When the system fails: The struggle against corruption, dishonesty and injustice

Note this monograph has now been republished as "Old Testament Ethics for the People of God"

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