Cover Image: When God's Voice is Heard

When God's Voice is Heard:
The Power of Preaching (ed. C. Green & H. Jackman)

IVP: 1995, 2003

Blurb Review by Kenton C. Anderson


What is the place of preaching in the life of the church today? What priority does the Sunday sermon have when new church structures and ever-changing technology seem to exacerbate the increasing pastoral demands on a busy church leader? Good preaching is more than historical revelation, skilled oration, or the ability to give multimedia presentations. Rather it is the present Word of God to his people. And it is to communicate this that is the preacher's first calling. The first edition of this book was subtitled as essays on preaching presented to Dick Lucas and this is a great line-up of contributors writing in gratitude to God for Dick's faithful expository ministry over many years.


Foreword by John Stott

1. Preaching that Shapes a Ministry (Chris Green)

Part I
2. The Preacher and the Sufficient Word (Peter Adam)
3. The Preacher and the Living Word (John Woodhouse)
4. Preaching the Whole Bible (Peter F. Jensen)
5. Preaching Christ from the Old Testament (Sinclair Ferguson)

Part II
6. The Preacher as Theologian (J. I. Packer)
7. The Preacher as Pastor (E. P. Clowney)

Part III
8. Preaching that Grows the Church (Frank J. Retief)
9. Preaching that Changes the Church (Philip D. Jensen)
10. Preaching that Understands the World (D. A. Carson)
11. Preaching that Converts the World (John Chapman)
12. Preparing the Preacher (David Jackman)

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