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Whose Promised Land:
The Continuing Crisis over Israel and Palestine

Colin Chapman (Baker, 2002)

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It is not easy to be dispassionate about this issue. Whose is the ‘promised land', the land the Israelis call Israel and the Palestinians call Palestine? What arguments, claims and counter-claims lie behind the pioneer spirit of the settlers, the conflict, the violence, the refugee problem, the uprooting of families? This book outlines the claims, then traces the story behind them, going right back to the time of the Bible, the basis for the Jews' claims to the land. What do the Bible's prophecies mean? How were the promises made to ancient Israel understood by Jesus and the first Christian community? How should they be understood today? Is there a way forward? A very useful book because of the ground it covers - just about everything on the topic! - and now available in a second edition.


Conflicting Claims to the land

1 Facts and Figures
1.1 The Patriarchs - Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
1.2 The Exodus and the Conquest of the land
1.3 The Kingdom under Saul, David and Solomon
1.4 The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah
1.5 The Babylonian Exile
1.6 Palestine under the Babylonians, Persians and Greeks
1.7 Palestine under the Romans
1.8 Palestine under the Byzantine Empire
1.9 Palestine under the Arabs and Seljuk Turks
1.10 Palestine under the Crusaders and the Mamluks
1.11 Palestine under the Ottoman Turks
1.12 Palestine under the Mandate
1.13 The UN partition Plan
1.14 The Founding of the State of Israel
1.15 Conflicts since 1948
1.16 Some Conclusions

2 Call the next witness
2.1 Anti-Semitism
2.2 Zionism
2.3 Jewish Settlement in the land
2.4 Arab Reactions to Jewish Settlement
2.5 The Role of Britain
2.6 The UN Partition Plan
2.7 partition and War
2.8 The Voice of Israel
2.9 Other Jewish Voices
2.10 The Voice of the Palestinians

3 The Land Before and After Jesus Christ
3.1 The Promise of the Land
3.2 The Conquest of the Land
3.3 Exile from the Land
3.4 The Return to the Land
3.5 The Land and the Hopes of Israel
3.6 The Birth of the Messiah
3.7 The Messiah and the Land
3.8 The Messiah and Jerusalem
3.9 The Redemption of Jerusalem
3.10 The Land in the Kingdom of God
3.11 The Final Fulfilment of the Covenant and the Hopes ofIsrael
3.12 Some Conclusions

4 Is there any word from the Lord?
4.1 The Passion for Truth
4.2 The Demands of the Law
4.3 Pointing the Prophetic Finger
4.4 The Call for Justice
4.5 Non-Selective Judgement
4.6 The Nation among the Nations
4.7 Suffering Injustice
4.8 Repentance through Disaster
4.9 The Temptation of Taking Sides and Throwing Stones
4.10 The Cost of being a Peace-Maker
4.11 Some Conclusions

5 Epilogue
Whose Promised Land? One Possible Answer

6 Appendix
Christian Interpretation of OT Prophecy

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