Cover Image: Worship: Adoration and Action (ed. D. A. Carson)

Worship: Adoration and Action (ed. D. A. Carson)

Paternoster, 1993

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This final volume in the series grew out of a feeling that much current interest in and discussion of worship are too much preoccupied with mere mechanics. To counter this, the book offers: a biblical theology of worship is explored (unfortunately in two separate chapters) and then various reflections upon the practice of worship if nine different contexts. In the final part the Croat theologian Miroslav Volf concludes that worship ‘is the outworking of God-centredness in individual and corporate experience.’ If you come across this 5-volume set second-hand somewhere, snap it up while you can.

Contents 1. 'Worship the Lord your God': The Perennial Challenge (D. A. CARSON)

Part One: Toward a Biblical Theology of Worship

2. Theology of Worship in the Old Testament (YOSHIAKI HATIORI)

3.Worship in the New Testament (DAVID PETERSON)

Part Two: Reflections on Worship in the Heritage of the Majesterial Reformation

4. The Reformed Liturgy in the Dutch Tradition (KLAAS RUNIA)

5. Presbyterian Worship (EDMUND P. CLOWNEY)

6.Worship in Anglicanism (ROGER BECKWITH)

7. Worship in Lutheranism (NORVALD YRI)

Part Three: Reflections on Worship in Some 'Free Church' Traditions

8. 'Free Church' Worship in Britain (PETER LEWIS)

9. Some Reflections on the Meaning and Practice of Worship from Inside South America (FELICITY B. HOUGHTON)

10. Worship in the Independent/Free Church/Congregational Tradition: A View from the Two-Thirds World (GUILLERMO MENDEZ)

11. Charismatically-Orientated Worship (ALISTAIR BROWN)

12. Patterns of Worship Among Students Worldwide (SUE BROWN)

Part Four: Reflections on Worship from a Systematic Perspective

13. Worship as Adoration and Action: Reflections on a Christian Way of Being-in-the-World (MIROSLAV VOLF)

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