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Teaching John:
Unlocking the gospel of John for the expositor

Dick Lucas and William Philip (Proclamation Trust Media: 2002)

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Preachers find themselves turning to John's Gospel time and time again to proclaim its wonderful message about Jesus.

This primer explores the main themes of John's own preaching of Christ, the Son of God, as preserves in the book he wrote for us. John makes clear his own key purpose in writing in chapter 20 of his Gospel, and this stated intention must guide the exposition of his words today. It gives a way into the text so the Christian preacher may expound the message as John himself intended he should.

Many commentaries are written on John, but few focus directly on the needs of the preacher and congregation. This book is aimed precisely there. John's own key is used to unlock 4 famous chapters of this Gospel from the preacher's perspective, and with the sermon in clear view. The goal is to whet the preacher's appetite for teaching John today.


1. The Key: Evidence, Faith and Life
2. The Key to the Resurrection Story
3. Jesus and a Devout Jewish Clergyman
4. Jesus and a Tainted Woman
5. The Voice that Divides
6. The Lord of Life
7. The Key in the Rest of the Gospel
8. Passing on John's Preaching
9. Further Resources on John

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