Cover Image: From Sabbath to Lord's Day

From Sabbath to Lord's Day:
A Biblical, Historical and Theological Investigation (ed. D. A. Carson)

Zondervan, 1982

Blurb Review by Alan F. Johnson


This book has become something of a classic representative of the 'Sunday is not the Sabbath' line of interpretation. It is sometimes (disparagingly) regarded as the prime example of a newer evangelical approach to the Sabbath/Sunday debate, although the book itself shows that the matter is a lot more complex than that given its discussion throughout church history, not least in the Protestant tradition. Some parts are now dated, but it's probably still as good an example of a rejection of 'transfer theology' (i.e. Sabbath transferring to Sunday) as you're likely to find anywhere. The breadth of the investigation, by a variety of excellent scholars all sharing the non-transfer position, makes it especially useful on lots of different levels. This is a must read on a vital issue in biblical theology with direct pastoral relevance to the contemporary church.


1. Introduction

2. The Sabbath in the Old Testament

3. A Summary of Sabbath Observance in Judaism at the Beginning of the Christian Era

4. Jesus and the Sabbath in the Four Gospels

5. The Sabbath, Sunday, and the Law in Luke/Acts

6. The Sabbath/Sunday Question and the Law in the Pauline Corpus

7. Sabbath, Rest, and Eschatology in the New Testament

8. The Lord's Day

9. Sabbath and Sunday in the Post-Apostolic Church

10. Sabbath and Sunday in the Medieval Church in the West

11. Sabbath and Sunday in the Protestant Tradition

12. From Sabbath to Lord's Day: A Biblical and Theological Perspective

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