Cover Image: The Faith of Israel

The Faith of Israel:
A Theological Survey of the Old Testament

William. J. Dumbrell (Baker/Apollos, 1988, 2002)

Blurb Review by Edwin Tay


This excellent book is a ‘must-have' in any preacher's library and Baker/Apollos are to be commended for bringing out a revised second edition that incorporates some substantial new material. Dumbrell's comprehensive survey traces the theological movement of the OT books through the Hebrew canonical sequence of Law, Prophets and Writings. There is a chapter of every book of the OT and he not only brings out themes within each book, but also makes original refreshing connections to themes in other OT books as well as discussing the theology of the OT canon as a whole. He shows how the OT is not just about ancient Israel, it is about God - his character, nature and work in history.


Part 1 The Books of the Law
Part 2 The Books of the Prophets: The Former Prophets
Part 3 The Books of the Prophets: The Latter Prophets
Part 4 The Books of the Writings

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