Cover Image: Far as the Curse is Found

Far as the Curse is Found:
The Covenant Story of Redemption

Michael D. Williams (Presbyterian & Reformed, 2005)

Blurb Review by Dr David Gibson


God's covenant with his people is an unfolding historical drama with personal and earthly dimensions that are often overlooked. In this study of the meaning and scope of the covenant, Michael D. Williams highlights the goodness of the physical realm and God's redemptive intentions for his creation. Adopting the novel approach of beginning with the resurrection, and then the Exodus from Egypt, Williams attempts an approach to the Bible which is explicit in viewing it as Christian Scripture. T. M. More endorses it with these words: ‘Will help readers understand the Bible's covenantal structure and character, glory in God's covenant faithfulness, and see in Jesus the fullness of God's covenant now and forever. Drawing from a wide range of Reformed and evangelical scholarship, and rooted firmly in the Scriptures, Williams' account is unique in its approach, thorough in its development, compelling in its argument, and timely in its arrival.'


1. The Resurrection: The Single Best Page of the Story
2. The Exodus: God Sets the Pattern of Redemption
3. Creation: Covenant-Historical Introduction
4. The Fall: Humanity in Revolt
5. The Flood: God Refuses to Give Up
6. Abraham: God Narrows the Seed to Redeem the World
7. The Patriarchs: Thwarting God's Mission to the Nations
8. Sinai: God's Covenants with His Chosen People
9. The Law: Transcribing God's Character in the World
10. Life in the Land (1): The King of Israel
11. Life in the Land (2): The Word of the Prophets
12. Jesus: A New and More Glorious Covenant
13. The Church: The Messianic Community of the New Covenant
14. The Eschaton: The Renewal of All Things

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