Cover Image: According to Plan

According to Plan:
The Unfolding Revelation of God in the Bible

Graeme Goldsworthy (IVP, 1991)

Blurb Review by Peter Sanlon


Whereas his earlier book, "Gospel and Kingdom," focused on a Christian interpretation of the OT, this book attempts a more systematic overview of the whole project of biblical theology for a contemporary and popular readership. Goldsworthy's aim is to introduce the reader to an integrated theology of the whole Bible. This book too has had a significant influence and is also highly recommended as an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to begin engaging with biblical theology.


Biblical Theology - Why?

1. The leech has two daughters

Biblical Theology - How?

2. God makes himself known
3. But how can we know?
4. Christ has made him known
5. And we know him through Scripture
6. The Bible is the divine human-word
7. We begin and end with Christ

Biblical Theology - What?

8. I am the first and the last
9. Creation by word
10. The Fall
11. First revelation of redemption
12. Abraham our father. Exodus 13: pattern of redemption
14. New life: gift and task
15. The temptation in the wilderness
16. Into the good land
17. God's rule in God's land
18. The life of faith
19. The fading shadow
20. There is a new creation
21. The second exodus
22. The new creation for us
23. The new creation in us initiated
24. The new creation in us now
25. The new creation consummated

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