Cover Image: Dig Deeper!

Dig Deeper!:
Tools to unearth the Bible

Nigel Beynon and Andrew Sach (Leicester: IVP, 2005)

Blurb Review by Tim Anderson


This book is a toolbox.  Sorry if this conjures up painful memories of failed DIY projects, hours spent waiting for the emergency services on the hard shoulder of the motorway, or rusty, forgotten implements decked with cobwebs at the back of your garden shed. But there are no spanners or trowels here.  These tools are rather a means of getting to the bottom of any Bible passage and discovering its true meaning. The passionate aim of this book is that it should help you to ‘correctly handle the word of truth' (2 Timothy 2:15) so that you will experience God's clear guidance in your life, come to know him better and grow to love him more.  The authors' prayer is that your Bible reading will never be the same again. We're delighted to commend this book as it ties in so well with many different aspects of biblical theology.


1 What the Bible is and how we should approach it
2 The Author's Purpose tool
3 The Context tool
4 The Structure tool
5 The Linking Words tool
6 The Parallels tool
7 The Narrator's Comment tool
8 The Vocabulary tool
9 The Translations tool
10 The Tone and Feel tool
11 The Repetition tool
12 The Quotation/Allusion tool
13 The Genre tool
14 The Copycat tool
15 The Bible Timeline tool
16 The ‘Who Am I?' tool
17 The ‘So What?' tool
Conclusion: Pulling it all together
Appendix: It really works!

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