Cover Image: Covenant and Eschatology

Covenant and Eschatology:
The Divine Drama

Michael S. Horton (Westminster John Knox Press, 2002)

Blurb Review by David Gibson


Operating from the conviction that the content of theology should shape and determine the method for doing theology, Michael Horton proposes a redemptive-historical method, an analogical mode, a dramatic model, and the covenant context for reintegrating the discipline of theology. Drawing on the metaphor of performance, Horton brings together theory and praxis. He dialogues constructively with Protestant scholasticism as well as contemporary speech-act theory, hermeneutics, and postmodern thought, ultimately providing scholars and students with a significant proposal for integrating biblical and systematic theology. A demanding read and a very important book.


Introduction: Before the Curtain Rises
Chapter One: Eschatology after Nietzsche
Part One: God Acts in History
Chapter Two: A God Who Acts?
Chapter Three: Accounting for Divine Action
Chapter Four: All the World's a Stage

Part Two: God Speaks
Chapter Five: Divine Rhetoric
Chapter Six: Interpreting for Divine Discourse
Chapter Seven: Implications for a Covenantal Hermeneutic
Chapter Eight: Reintegrating the Rhetoric of Redemption
Chapter Nine: Community Theater

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