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Covenant and Creation:
A Theology of the Old Testament Covenants

William. J. Dumbrell (Paternoster Press, 1984, 1997)

Blurb Review


This is a classic on the biblical covenants. I first used it when working on a sermon on Genesis 6-9 and it transformed my understanding of the passage - all because of the meaning of the word 'establish' used in 6:18 with regard to the covenant. Does it mean to initiate and begin a covenant or to bring into effect one already in existence? The view Dumbrell offers profoundly influences how you interpret the entire flood narrative. The terminology, structure and context of God's covenants with Noah, Abraham, Israel at Sinai, David and post-exilic Israel are closely examined to establish the purpose and significance of each. Dumbrell concludes that the exile effected a radical shift in Israel's understanding of her relationship with God and this demanded nothing short of a new covenant and a new creation to achieve God's purpose.


1. The Covenant with Noah - a Recall to the Basic Pattern of Creation
2. The Covenant with Abraham
3. The Sinai Covenant - Israel as a nation within the Abrahamic framework
4. The Covenant with David: The Covenant and Messiahship
5. The New Covenant: The Shape of Biblical Eschatology
Epilogue: The Post-Exilic Developments

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