Cover Image: Christ in the Old Testament

Christ in the Old Testament:
OT Appearances of Christ in Human Form

James A. Borland (Christian Focus/Mentor, 1999: 2nd editio)

Blurb Review by J.P. Taylor


This is a book that focuses on God's appearances in human form rather than the shekinah, the pillar of cloud or other manifestations of God's presence. Its purpose is to present a positive theology of theophanies rather than simply a defence against erroneous views. Borland looks at the characteristics of Christophanies and also their theology. It is the most comprehensive book of its type - although not every Christophany is investigated all categories are represented. An important book given some debate in some evangelical circles in the UK and one which takes a strong view of Christ in the Old Testament and, at the same time, progressive revelation and biblical theology. It is worth its weight in gold for its overview of the history of interpretation and its excellent bibliography and indices.


1. The Christophany defined and distinguished from other phenomena
2. The Christophany proved to be an appearance of God
3. The Christophany's form
4. The Theology of the Christophany
5. Conclusion

Appendix 1: A brief outline of the history of the history of the interpretation of the Christophanies
Appendix 2: Why Melchizedek is not a Christophany
Appendix 3: Five men who met God face to face: Practical Lessons from the Christophanies

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