Cover Image: A Christian Theology of the Old Testament

A Christian Theology of the Old Testament

G. A. F. Knight (1st ed; Paternoster Press, 1998)

Blurb Review


This book works with the welcome presupposition that the Old Testament is nothing less than Christian Scripture. Knight argues that the Old Testament must be read within the walls of the Christian church and cannot be confined to a critical and historical analysis, either of its books or of its teaching. At the same time, however, Knight wants to sit somewhat loose to saying that the Church should understand the OT Christologically; rather, he prefers the view that the connection between the Testaments is the general concept of revelation. This makes the book an amalgam of both helpful insights and also less-structured and coherent approaches to the OT. It falls short of being a biblical theology proper given the exclusive focus on the Old Testament.


Part 1 - God
Part 2 - God and Creation
Part 3 - God and Israel
Part 4 - The Zeal of the Lord

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