Cover Image: Christ and His People in the Book of Isaiah

Christ and His People in the Book of Isaiah

David Peterson (IVP, 2003)

Blurb Review by Andrew Upton


Written in the context of a particular debate about how best to preach the Old Testament, David Peterson (Principal of Oak Hill Theological College, London) has written a very helpful guide to the problem as it relates to one particular section of a biblical book. Peterson models an approach to the Old Testament text rooted in biblical theology and uses this to expound and apply material from Isaiah 6-12. In their original context and through their use by New Testament writers, Peterson argues, these chapters provide a framework for understanding God's purposes for the world, and the central role of the Messiah in their accomplishment. Contains a useful little section on comparing the approaches of Goldsworthy and Greidanus to Christocentric OT preaching.


1. Preaching Christ from the Old Testament
2. Who is the True King? (Isaiah 6)
3. Two Children: Signs of God's Intent (Isaiah 7)
4. Misdirected Fear (Isaiah 8)
5. The Trustworthiness of God (Isaiah 9:1-7)
6. God's People Under Judgment (Isaiah 9:8-10:4)
7. God's Strange Work (Isaiah 10:5-34)
8. The Final Chapter (Isaiah 11)
9. Meaningful Praise (Isaiah 12)

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