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Expositional Preaching:
How We Speak God's Word Today

David Helm (Crossway, 2014)

Blurb Review


What value is there for today's preachers in reading yet another book about preaching? According to D. Helm, not much! Most preachers are at least aware of the philosophy of expositional preaching-getting the exegesis out of the text. However, as Helm states, "Exegesis is not enough." (57) According to Helm, context, content, and audience play just as important a role. Still, Helm is not attempting to cram a seminary preaching class into this small 9 Marks book, but instead to offer a refresher and a step-by-step guide on how to take the philosophy of homiletics and make it practical in our preaching. Expositional Preaching: How We Speak God's Word Today does this very well. Helm mixes in illustrations from his twenty-plus years of preaching experience with timely suggestions for avoiding the many pitfalls facing today's preachers. This short, easy to read, very pragmatic, and enjoyable book will help the novice preacher and the seasoned orator alike.


Introduction: Old Bones

1) Contextualization

Impressionistic Preaching

Inebriated Preaching

Inspired Preaching

2) Exegesis

Give The Biblical Context Control

Listen for the Melodic Line

Structure and Emphasis

3) Theological Reflection

The Challenge of the Historical-Critical Method

The Usefulness of Biblical Theology

The Role of Systematic Theology

4) Today

The Makeup of Your Audience

The Arrangement of Your Material

The Application of your Message

Conclusion: Dry Bones 

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