Cover Image: Christ-Centered Preaching

Christ-Centered Preaching:
Redeeming the Expository Sermon

Bryan Chapell (Baker )

Blurb Review by Steve Leigh


How relevant are the ancient texts of the Bible to modern culture and society? That is the main question that Bryan Chapell hopes to answer in this book. Chapell is concerned because he believes that modern homiletics is shifting from an emphasis on expository preaching to a more topical preaching style. The book advocates the use of the “Fallen Condition Focus” when preaching expositionally. Chapell, in essence, argues that no text of Scripture was written solely for the purposes of the past audience, but for the needs and sanctification of any believer in any age. Stated another way, the FCF is the intention of the Holy Spirit to provide inspired and authoritative Scripture for each age of the church. The book features three parts and an appendix with sample sermons and funeral and wedding messages.


Part 1 Principles For Expository Preaching

Word and Witness

Obligations of the Sermon

The Priority of the Text

Components of Exposition

Part 2 Preparation Of Expository Preaching

The Process of Explanation

Outlining and Structure

The Pattern of Illustration

The Practice of Application

Introductions, Conclusions, and Transitions

Part 3 A Theology Of Christ-centered Messages

A Redemptive Approach to Preaching

Developing Redemptive Sermons

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