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A Biblical Theology

Jason Meyer (Crossway, 2013)

Blurb Review by Emilio Ramos


Preaching: A Biblical theology connects homiletics with the basics of Biblical Theology. Meyer essentially explores the connection between preaching and the biblical-theological method of interpreting Scripture and then puts forward a positive argument for the uniqueness and necessity of preaching.  From the basics of what preaching is, to the application of how preaching should be implemented, Meyer traces the greatness of the subject through its development within redemptive history to its theological and practical implications.  Preachers will also benefit from Meyer's pastoral guidance concerning the nature, strengths, and weaknesses of topical preaching.  Pastors with varying styles, traditions, and homiletical emphases will all gain something from reading this book. 


Part 1: The Big Picture: Biblical Theology of the Ministry of the Word

  1. The What of Preaching
  2. The How of Preaching
  3. The Link between Structure and Story
  4. The Role of the Word in the Drama of Scripture
  5. Paradigm Shifts of Stewardship

Part 2: A Survey of Paradigm Shifts in the Ministry of the Word

  1. The Stewardship of the Covenant of Creation (Paradigm 1)
  2. The Stewardship of the Covenant of Promise (Paradigm 2)
  3. The Stewardship of the Covenant of Law (Paradigm 3)
  4. The Stewardship of Joshua, the Judges, and Samuel (Paradigm 4)
  5. The Stewardship of the Covenant of Kingship (Paradigm 5)
  6. The Stewardship of the Prophets (Paradigm 6)
  7. The Stewardship of Psalmists and Scribes (Paradigm 7)
  8. The Stewardship of the Son, Part 1 (Paradigm 8)
  9. The Stewardship of the Son, Part 2 (Paradigm 8, continued)
  10. The Stewardship of the Apostles (Paradigm 9)
  11. The Stewardship of the Pastor (Paradigm 10)

Part 3: Expository Preaching Today

  1. The What of Expository Preaching Today
  2. The How of Expository Preaching Today
  3. The Whyof Expository Preaching Today

Part 4: Soundings from Systematic Theology

  1. Preaching and Scripture
  2. Preaching and Sin
  3. Topical Preaching: Friend or Foe?

Part 5: Conclusions and Applications

  1. Stewardship of the Word Today

Appendix 1: The Heart behind the Book

Appendix 2: How This Book Is Different

Appendix 3: A Crash Course on Preaching Books Available Today

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