Cover Image: A Theology of Luke and Acts

A Theology of Luke and Acts:
God's Promised Program Realized for All Nations

Darrell Bock (Zondervan, 2012)

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This recent work by Darrell Bock is the second volume in the Biblical Theology of the New Testament (BTNT) series. Bock's volume shows within an evangelical framework how Luke's Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles together contribute to the larger message of the New Testament and the Bible as a whole.  Given Bock's significant contribution to current scholarship via his Baker commentaries on Luke and Acts, this new synthesising volume is an excellent addition for anyone delving into Lukan themes such as God's sovereign plan, Christology, pneumatology, ecclesiology, and eschatology. Although David Peterson finds Bock's work slightly underdone in covering controversial areas such as the work of the Holy Spirit, magic and demonology, this volume does a sterling job in tracing out the story of Acts and its theology, while also staying close to the narrative (rather than examining these themes out of their context).[1] This work makes a useful guide for anyone preaching, teaching or studying the Gospel of Luke, or the Acts of the Apostles. Highly recommended.


Part One: Introductory Matters

1. The Often Lost Importance of Luke-Acts and the Orientation of this Study

2. The Context of Luke-Acts: A Short Introduction

3. The Case for the Unity of Luke-Acts and Reading the Volumes as Luke-Acts and as Luke and Acts.

4. Outline and Narrative Survey of Luke-Acts

Part Two: Major Theological Themes

5. The Plan, Activity and Character of God: A Survey in Narrative Order

6. The God of Promise, Fulfillment and Salvation: Synthesis of Texts on the Plan of God

7. Jesus the Messiah Who Is Lord and Bringing of the New Era: Narrative Order

8. Messiah, Servant, Prophet, Savior, Son of Man, and Lord: A Synthesis on the Person and Work of Jesus

9. The Holy Spirit in Luke-Acts: Power and Enablement for the Promise and Witness of the New Era

10. The Salvation of God through Christ and the Healings That Picture It: Narrative Order

11. The Many Dimensions of Salvation in Luke-Acts: A Synthesis

12. Israel in Luke-Acts

13. The Gentiles and the Expression "the Nations" in Luke-Acts

14. The Church and the Way in Luke-Acts

15. Discipleship and Ethics in the New Community

16. How Response to Jesus Divides: The Opponents, the Crowds, and Rome as Observer of Events in Luke-Acts

17. Women, the Poor, and the Social Dimensions in Luke-Acts

18. The Law in Luke-Acts

19. Ecclesiology in Luke-Acts

20. Eschatology, Judgment, and Hope for the Future in Luke-Acts

21. The Scriptures in Luke-Acts

Part Three: Luke and the Canon

22. Luke-Acts in the Canon

23. Conclusion


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