Cover Image: The Gospel and the Mind

The Gospel and the Mind:
Recovering and Shaping the Intellectual Life

Brad Green (Crossway, 2010)

Blurb Review


This book fundamentally explores the relationship between the progress of the gospel and intellectual inquiry. At the same time, one could suggest this book addresses the waning intellectual life that has arisen because of the dismissal/removal of God from public life within modern society and proposes a way forward by arguing for the validity and supremacy of the Christian worldview. Green begins with the biblical truth that sin impacts the mind, creating hostility between God and humanity and the reality that this hostility can only be undone through the gospel of Jesus Christ (see Colossians 1:21-22). From there, Green argues two main theses: 1) the Christian worldview is the only viable means for the recovery of genuine intellectual inquiry; and 2) the Christian worldview provides a certain way of conceiving the intellectual life of the mind. Despite the philosophical nature of this work, Green does ground his argument in Scripture's "story" of creation-fall-redemption. Green thus develops his understanding of the relationship between the gospel and the mind in a biblical-theological framework.

1.       Creation and the Important of the Past

2.       The Centrality of a Telos to All Things

3.       Understanding and the Cross

4.       Words, Language, and Modern Culture

5.       Toward a Christian Understanding of Words

6.       The Moral Nature of Knowledge and the Human Heart

7.       Epilogue

8.       General Index

9.       Scripture Index

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