Cover Image: The God Who Is There

The God Who Is There:
Finding Your Place In God's Story

D. A. Carson (Baker, 2010)

Blurb Review by Rev. Matt Capps


Most people (including Christians) do not have a working knowledge of the Bible's grand "story" of redemption. The God Who Is There is written to show the metanarrative of Scripture in a manner that is beneficial for both believers and non-believers alike. Carson effectively  "run's through the bible in fourteen chapters to help those with no knowledge of the bible, or relatively little knowledge, learn how the Bible works, how it hangs together." The primary unifying theme in this work is the doctrine of God as it is progressively revealed throughout biblical history.

The God Who Is There stands as an important contribution to the field of popular level  books on Biblical Theology. Note that a Leader's Guide and DVD set have been published in conjunction with The God Who Is There to assist with small group environments. The Gospel Coalition has also made available the audio and video files of the lectures that prompted the writing of this book.


1.      The God Who Made Everything

2.      The God Who Does Not Wipe Out Rebels

3.      The God Who Writes His Own Agreements

4.      The God Who Legislates

5.      The God Who Reigns

6.      The God Who Is Unfathomably Wise

7.      The God Who Becomes a Human Being

8.      The God Who Grants New Birth

9.      The God Who Loves

10.  The God Who Dies-and Lives Again

11.  The God Who Declares the Guilty Just

12.  The God Who Gathers and Transforms His People

13.  The God Who is Very Angry

14.  The God Who Triumphs

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