Cover Image: Christ Formed in You

Christ Formed in You:
The Power of the Gospel for Personal Change

Brian Hedges (Shepherd Press, 2010)

Blurb Review


In this book, Brian Hedges firmly places the process of spiritual formation within the framework of Scripture's larger story of God's plan to restore the image of God in humanity. Hedges essentially grounds the process of sanctification (growth in Christ-likeness) in: 1) the biblical story-line of creation, fall, redemption, and new creation; and 2) the gospel of Jesus Christ. Along the way, Hedges addresses such subjects as Christ's work on the cross (e.g. substitution, propitiation, redemption, reconciliation, victory); provides a closer look at the doctrines of justification, regeneration, and sanctification; and deals with a number of practical issues such as mortifying sin, spiritual growth, spiritual disciplines, suffering, and community. This book skilfully brings together Biblical Theology and Systematic Theology and is highly recommended.


Part One: The Foundations for Personal Change

1. Restoring God's Broken Image: The Goal

2. The Key to Transformation: The Gospel

3. The Curse Is Canceled: Justification

4. The Cure Has Begun: The Heart

5. Closing the Gap: Sanctification

Part Two: The Pattern of Personal Change

6. Captivated By Beauty: Holiness

7. Killing Sin: Mortification

8. Growing In Grace: Vivification

9. The Quest for Joy: Motivation

Part Three: The Means of Personal Change

10. Training in the Spirit: Disciplines

11. The Refiner's Fire: Suffering

12. Life Together: Community

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