Cover Image: Preaching to a Post-Everything World

Preaching to a Post-Everything World:
Crafting Biblical Sermons That Connect with Our Culture

Zack Eswine (Baker, 2008)

Blurb Review by Dave Ramsey


Zack Eswine starts this unique pastoral resource with a captivating question: Could I now reach who I once was? Challenging the idea that today’s preachers must do away with biblical or expository preaching if they are to reach non-Christian people, Eswine offers a way of preaching that embraces biblical exposition in missional terms. Recognizing all of the different cultural situations in which the gospel must be preached, he gives preachers practical advice on preaching in a global context while remaining faithful to the Bible. Pastors, seminarians, and church and ministry leaders who speak in various contexts will welcome this fresh, thoughtful examination of bringing the Word to today’s multi-everything, post-everything world.


Introduction: Reaching a Post-Everything World  

Part 1: Prepare the Sermon for a Post-Everything World

 1. Preach What Is Real   

 2. Preach What Is Redemptive  

 3. Preach the Stories  

 4. Remember Where You've Been   

 Part 2: Explore Biblical Models for a Post-Everything World

 5. Follow God's Lead  

 6. Find a Prophetic Edge  

 7. Try on a Priestly Paradigm  

 8. Speak like a Sage   

 9. Step Outside  

 Part 3: Engage the Cultures of a Post-Everything World

 10. Account for the Accents  

 11. Handle the War Passages in an Age of Terror  

 12. Learn to Speak about Hell 

 13. Detect Idol Talk  

 14. Discern Devilish Spin 

 15. Cry Out for the Holy Spirit 

 16. Clean the Dish and Light the Candle  

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