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The Bible Story Handbook:
A Resource for Teaching 175 Stories from the Bible

Joel Walton and Kim Walton (Crossway, 2010)

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Something of a commentary on 175 biblical narratives, this book is intended to serve as a teaching guide for those responsible for teaching Scripture to children. This book is written to address the tendency toward applying biblical narratives in a moralistic direction. The authors rightly believe that teaching the Bible in this way cannot claim the authority of Scripture because the Bible was principally written to teach us about God and his plan to redeem humanity and the cosmos. John and Kim Walton provide the reader with brief guides to not only show how to inductively interpret these 175 narratives but also how to apply them in a God-centered/theological way. Each lesson guide: 1) briefly summarizes the principal thought of each passage; 2) briefly summarizes how each passage should be applied today; 3) places each passage within its literary context; 4) discusses interpretive problems within each passage; and 5) discusses how each passage should not be taught. In effect, the Waltons do for children’s Bible lesson what the Biblical Theology Briefing Paper do for sermons. This book is highly recommended for anyone who teaches children (whether parents or Sunday School teachers).


Why Do We Teach Bible Stories?

Is There a Right Way or a Wrong Way to Use Bible Stories

The Big Picture of the Bible

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New Testament

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