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Biblical Theology

Gerhardus Vos (Banner of Truth, 1975. First published 1)

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Geerhardus Vos was invited to teach biblical theology at Princeton Seminary in 1893. Remaining there until his retirement in 1932, his work in this book is the classic exposition of Reformed biblical theology. This has made it virtually the default Reformed view of biblical theology but it is far from being the last word on the subject. The aim of this book is to provide an account of the unfolding of the mind of God in history, through the successive agents of his special revelation. Vos handles this under three main divisions: the Mosaic epoch of revelation, the prophetic epoch of revelation, and the New Testament. Such an historical approach is not meant to supplant the work of the systematic theologian; but Vos attempts to show how the Christian gospel is inextricably bound up with history, and how the biblical theologian thus seeks to highlight the uniqueness of each biblical document in that succession. We suggest this book should be read critically alongside other contemporary expressions of biblical theology.


The Old Testament

Part One: The Mosaic Epoch of Revelation

  1. Introduction: The Nature and Method of Biblical Theology
  2. The mapping out of the field of revelation 
  3. The content of pre-redemptive special revelation 
  4. The content of the first redemptive special revelation  
  5. The Noachian revelation and the development leading up to it 
  6. The period between Noah and the great patriarchs 
  7. Revelation in the patriarchal period 
  8. Revelation in the period of Moses

Part Two: The Prophetic Epoch of Revelation

  1. The place of prophetism in Old Testament revelation 
  2. The conception of a prophet: names and etymologies 
  3. The history of prophetism: critical theories 
  4. The mode of reception of the prophetic revelation 
  5. The mode of communication of prophecy 
  6. The content of the prophetic revelation

The New Testament

  1. The structure of New Testament revelation
  2. Revelation connected with the nativity 
  3. Revelation connected with John the Baptist 
  4. Revelation in the probation of Jesus 
  5. The revelation of Jesus' public ministry
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